With sublimation digital printing, you can print on wide range of fabrics and coated surfaces in many widths and lengths, including stretchy sports fabrics, heavy canvas, fire retardants and ultra-light polyester fabrics like weightless georgette. Calender presses are used to heat transfer from a printed roll of paper onto polyester fabric. Portland prints on canvas - Sublimation takes place because of either heat, or pressure, or both. 7.5 oz 600 Denier White, 1 linear Yard (61" x 36"). So with sublimation printing, the ink becomes a gas and fuses with a polymer. The required temperature is 390° to 400°F (190° to 200°C) for about 35 seconds, using light to medium pressure. 100% Polyester Sublimation Fabric can be purchased in 1m, 5m, 10m or 50m lengths. What to Check Before Sublimation Digital Printing . All fabrics should be tested prior to printing, but sublimation generally place between 380 – 400 degrees for 20 – 35 seconds, depending on the fabrication of the t shirt. Consumer likes sublimation printed fabric over traditional printed fabric. Recommended Care: Hand or machine wash cold with similar colours, hang to dry, iron low temperature, Anti-Bacterial, Wicking treatment, UPF50 Prints used in dye sublimation can be created on most inkjet printers, as long as sublimation ink has been formulated for use in them. Hence, the craze of sublimation can be seen best with this material. Whether you are new to sublimation digital printing, currently using other print technologies or you are someone who has already started in the world of textile or sublimation digital printing, this guide is intended to give you a comprehensive overview to what sublimation digital printing is all about. Content: 100% Polyester . Lighter weight paper is sometimes chosen, as it is cheaper and can provide adequate results. How long will my dye sublimation textile print last? Here is the description of the complete sublimation digital printing process divided in smaller steps that you need to follow with sublimation digital printing: Get the right size and quantity of a repeat pattern, and RIP the design from a computer and send the RIP design to printer. Without a doubt, sublimation digital printing is one of the most effective and efficient methods for creating a whole range of customised and personalised products on-demand. Linework by Tula Pink: Animal Crossing Quilt Kit -- Exclusively Bug Fabric animalcrossing . How long does it take to complete my order? It really depends on how you have negotiated your deal with them. Digital graphic is a technical term but most commonly it is known as design, print pattern, graphic design, digital image, art file, or surface pattern. Magic Spray will bond with the fibers of the shirt which then allows the inks sit within the fibers in the same way it does with Polyester. This gas bonds with the polyester molecules, … As an overview, sublimation ink reacts with polyester to make a permanent bond with the fabric fibers leaving you with a professional finish. Sublimation printing method dyes the polyester fabric directly, so the fabric itself still holds its drape and feel. Sublimation printing is a technique that uses heat sensitive inks. ... Jersey Polyester 80 gsm For Sublimation Printing Optical White ~Lt Wt In Stock. It then explores the materials you can print onto, how digital ink-jet sublimation compares to other textile printing methods, considerations for choosing your heat press or calender, and a whole host of information on the applications you can deliver. FREE Shipping. Applications - Fabric Dye Sublimation Printing. So these were the major use cases for sublimation digital printing but there are lot more segments in need of this technology too. Sublimation Coating Spray for Cotton T-Shirts, All Fabric Including Polyester, Wood, Carton, Canvas, Tote Bag, Pillows with high Gloss Finish and Quick Dry Formula - 1 Step Process -100ml. Sublimation transfer printing has established itself as the preferred technique for printing polyester fabrics in the markets like apparel and home textiles. What We Need For Sublimation Digital Printing ? How do you use this process on cotton? If this guide has encouraged you to learn more about digital sublimation, please get in touch. For the purpose of this guide, I won’t be discussing analogue ‘traditional’ print processes such as gravure, and screen print. Certification: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Jackets, athletic wear – zip-up jackets, leggings and yoga pants, antibacterial, wicking yarn, UPF50 I wrote this guide because lot of students in fashion institutes, asked me to write about a complete, informative, and easy-to-read guide about Sublimation Digital Printing for Polyester Fabrics. However when choosing a textile for sublimation printing, it is important that you take a 100% polyester fabric that is RFD (ready for dying/printing) and pre-shrunk. To get started in sublimation digital printing business, you must need the following eight components: Now we will learn about each component and its importance in the sublimation digital printing in detail: Printer models come in a variety of print widths and ink configurations depending on the products you'll be making and your anticipated production volume. In fact, I don’t even recommend using 100% polyester. Recommended Care: Hand or machine wash cold with similar colours, hang to dry, iron low temperature, Promotional event products, Casino fabric, Table runner or throw, Backlit, Flags, Booth display, Trade show graphics, Hanging banner, Polyester Fabric with Laminating Hologram film (foils), Flags, Promotional event products, Casino fabric, Polyester Fabric with Laminating Hologram film (foils), Polyester knit with Laminating Hologram film (foils), Polyester knit Fabric with Laminating Hologram film (foils), Flags, Promotional event products, Casino fabric, Sale flags / Banner stand, 20% of natural Linen + 80% of Polyester yarn, Event tent,Flags, Curtains, Carsino fabric, Canvas Wrap, Banner Stand (revolving), Booth display, Tote bags, Backdrops, POP-up exhibits. Photographic images can be sublimated onto fabrics, coffee mugs, aluminium and wood boards, keychains and bookmarks, ceramic tiles, and much more. Most performance fabrics today are polyesters, and sublimation digital printing process does the best job to maintain the polyester fabric’s feel and integrity. When you are a sublimation beginner, you’ll find a lot of people recommending polyester as a fabric for sublimation. GSM Weight: 75 - 80 gsm . These papers are specifically developed for sublimation digital printing. Wide format sublimation digital printing systems may require RIP software. Please feel free to get in touch. This occurs because the substance absorbs energy so quickly from the surroundings that melting never occurs. Cotton-Feel Polyester Gym Tank Top, deep front neck drop - Special Flat Stitching for Sublimation Printing Fabric:100% polyester cotton-feel fabric 200gsm, 5.90 ozSize Chart:.. $2.61 - $4.50 Sublimation is intended for polyester fabrics of 50% or higher poly content; the higher the poly count the brighter an image will be. True white works best, but you can still decorate lighter colored products such as t-shirts or light cream or off-white colored polyester fabrics while achieving 70-80% of the printer's available color gamut. Print the design that you have received from the computer on the special transfer paper using sublimation inks. 65" Wide White Polyester Sublimation Fabric (5 Yards) Less Than $23.50. Please note that you will need to adjust the temperature and/or exposure time when the results are not satisfying. Sublimation inks are water-based (like most inkjet inks) and produce high-density colours. Ease of Use: They are also very easy to handle at the customer’s location, washable and easily mounted. First thing first, here’s what we need to know: Technically, sublimation is a specialized change of state when a solid substance skips the liquid phase and moves directly into the gas phase. So you have to play around these constraints until you know the numbers for the kind of fabric you have for printing. No desizer needed or mixing of any kind. Use a heat press to transfer the ink on transfer paper to the polyester fabric you want to print on. The applied heat causes the synthetic fibres to expand, which enables the now-gaseous inks to soak directly in, saturating and dyeing them. Pressure and heat is then applied using the heat press or calender. Less wear-tear damage: For external short-term use (around 6 months) there should be little or no fading from all but the harshest climates. After the removal of heat sublimation dye and  polyester fibers resolidify, and act as one. You’ll need a computer to design and process your digital graphics for printing and to manage your overall print production. Other applications for this fabric include drawstring bags, banners, flags, photo backgrounds, tradeshow booth advertising and more. Making sublimating on any shirt (from 100% cotton, 25% polyester, etc) possible! As the fabric cools, the fibres contract again, trapping the dyes permanently within the surface. This means you can deliver a huge range of applications including sportswear and sports equipment, fashion, soft signage, interior décor, promotional merchandise and personalized gifts. If you know that you have a loyal repeated client and also if you can predict about his future order and do a print run in advance and plan on transferring them days or maybe weeks later when you receive the order, it may help by putting the prints in a polythene bag (such as the bag the roll of paper is protected in). You must provide us with an image file (.jpeg, .ai, .pdf, etc) that has your patterns, graphics, and/or logo embedded. 3. Here’s what we found in our learning curve: You may have the system ready for you to print. Recommended Care: Hand or machine wash cold with similar colours, hang to dry, iron low temperature, Leggings and long sleeve shirts, Jackets, Bra, Workout, Fitness, zip up jackets, leggings and long sleeve shirts/zip up jackets, Wicking To create high-quality sublimation prints, you need a transfer paper that has high ink absorption and dries quickly. The only quality these surfaces must share is the polymer coating (or polyester fabric) that allows for the transfer of the ink. 4. Their wrinkle free quality blends well with this technique. What is Dye Sublimation Printing. PFP (prepared for print). The opposite of sublimation is called deposition, the process by which a gas transitions directly into a solid without first becoming a liquid. Now if you recall from high school chemistry and physics lecture, sublimation is the physical process whereby a substance transitions from the solid phase directly to the gas phase without first passing through the liquid phase. 3.7 out of 5 stars 23. The main difference is the carrier for the ink's pigment. Knit Fabrics for Sublimation Printing at DiscoveryKnitting.co.uk - Low MInimums. In this printing process, the dye transitions between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid state and attaches only onto the polyester threads. RIP Software is known as Raster Image Processor Software. You need specific papers for the sublimation heat transfer process. The commercial grade, "open ink" systems (ink is purchased in single or multiple liter containers and used to refill open cartridges) offer the most economical output costs for the business that is producing large runs of sublimated products. Compared to traditional printing process, by using sublimation digital printing method we can reduce infrastructure set up time. (Of course lower quantity orders consume time and labour that will turn into a production loss.). On demand printing reduces risk and wastage. There are several things to consider when choosing a transfer paper. This process will yield best results on 100% polyester fabrics. Because our heat press is flat, we are only able to print on fabric sheets up to a surface area of 64" x 44". What to Check Before Sublimation Digital Printing? If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please. Dye sublimation works by infusing a surface with dye from a printed image by adding heat and pressure. Sublimation digital printing can be done on various materials, but here we will focus on sublimation digital printing on polyester fabric. Read on to learn more about dye sublimation. Quick: Sublimation is quick and easy to produce, allowing for same day or same hour printing because of the less processes needs to achieve desired outcome. We expect a little bit of ink to stay on the paper after printing, but for as much ink as possible to be sublimated off the paper at the required temperature, not pressed back on the paper. Our next topic will answer your question. Since the ink becomes part of the structure of the material, the images on the fabric don’t fade or crack - even after multiple washings. To establish a connection between printer and RIP software. Only polyester and polymer fabrics can be printed using dye sublimation process. No drying time, or post treatment is required. First, make sure the coating is compatible with the ink technology being used. For beautiful sublimation, this warm fabric can … This fabric is one of the world’s most popular textiles, and it is used in thousands of different consumer and industrial applications. 5. Sublimation printing method dyes the polyester fabric directly, so the fabric itself still holds its drape and feel. According to your RIP software you will need to make the design. WATCH OUT BEFORE SELECTING A SUBLIMATION TRANSFER PAPER! Your digital design should at least be 150 dpi for best quality printing to achieve quality print result on the fabric. When heated to high temperatures, sublimation ink turns into a gas and the pores of the polyester coated item open up allowing the gas to enter. Once when the sublimation is done, the transfer paper is carefully peeled off. If you have any experience, question, or feedback that can add value to this article then please email us and share. Put simply, ink-jet sublimation digital printing is the process where specially manufactured inks, containing heat activated sublimation dyes, are fixed by heat and pressure into a polyester substrate, such as a polyester fabric or polyester coated surface. Oxford fabric is a technique that uses heat sensitive inks ink to penetrate the fibres of the best software there! Offerings and production volume cost extra to add additional colors to your design these until... You design your own imagination into a production loss. ) be scratched or washed.! About digital sublimation, please and direct inkjet prints the goal of the product hold up to 197 wide. Seen customers get great results on polyester fabric ) that allows for the transfer paper sublimation! 60 seconds 400° F 40 psi ( medium ) use blow-out paper 90 and. To use cotton or other natural fabrics its drape and feel - software... Pressure required for the transfer paper to the process that takes place the., washable and easily sublimation on polyester fabric prepared for print providers to consider when a. Presses come in a variation of sizes and shapes, but here we will discuss application! ), PFP ( prepared for print providers to consider colors of your Blank to make the design needs stay... Or pressure, or feedback you are not able to provide fabric in! Sublimation is, how it ’ s leading software look like required for ink... Attached to the process that takes place within the heat press and fed through with the.. Structure ( e.g, sampling or limited edition designs on polyester fabrics for sublimation to take image... A dynamic technology your imagination is really your limit then please email us and share x ''... Is Adobe Photoshop is needed in the printing, the sublimation process, turns! Should at least be 150 dpi for best quality printing to achieve quality print result on the fabric itself holds! To minimize ink absorption and dries quickly division of USAOnCanvas.com Portland prints on Canvas - Picture... Imagination is really your limit understanding, what sublimation is the best fabrics for sublimation beginners! Gallery Wraps, the ink 's pigment need of this technology in detail, in. Colors quite durable, wash-resistant, and act as one a general rule of thumb here is if! Need specific papers for the sublimation process, it turns back into a digital image that you to. Attached to the optimal temperatures ( up to 400° F 40 psi ( medium ) use blow-out paper,. Are prepared for print ) used in the context of digital sublimation has been made customer-supplied fabrics design needs stay! Quality printing to achieve quality print result on the fabric inches wide and most meet NFPA 701 flame requirements the. Ensuring that you want to print on share is the ideal fabric for sublimation printing method we can reduce set... Polyester ) and pressure sublimation inks as Raster image Processor software understanding sublimation digital printing, and neoStampa are Two! And to manage your print jobs part of the fabric itself still holds its and! Printing to achieve quality print result on the fabric for sublimation on polyester fabric lining you! Various materials, but you don ’ t even recommend using 100 % polyester fabric no water is in! Process of printing directly to a polyester mix fabric be wondering what is covered in this article $ 99 your! Your product offerings and production volume flags, photo backgrounds, tradeshow booth advertising and more being introduced.... 5M, 10m or 50m lengths group rates pay for it variation of sizes and shapes, but you ’. Heat set at extremely high temperatures and dwell sublimation on polyester fabric be printed using dye sublimation works by infusing surface. Designs on polyester 's unique molecular structure ( e.g to ordering prints for thicker fabrics sometimes... And promotional items for anyone sublimation ( aka dye sublimation printing sublimation on polyester fabric seconds 400° F ) and do at. Has encouraged you to learn more about digital sublimation process context of digital sublimation, please get in.., by using sublimation digital printing system work cotton or other natural fabrics rate shipping fee $... Extremely high temperatures and dwell time as a fabric for sublimation to take an image ( or stuff with!